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Canadian Immigration and Citizenship

Most immigrants to developed countries hope to become citizens in their adopted countries. This will allow them to enjoy all the privileges and rights that come with being a citizen, including the right of voting. 

The process can take some time as there are many requirements that must be met before an immigrant is eligible for citizenship. The process to become a Canadian citizen is different in Canada. 

It involves going through several steps before an immigrant can obtain Canadian citizenship. You can also find the best Canadian citizenship lawyer from

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Canada has strict guidelines for immigrants before they can become citizens. This is why permanent resident status must be obtained and applicants for citizenship must meet the requirements. A permanent resident must have lived in Canada for at most three to four years, and be able to communicate in English or French. Application for citizenship takes about 12-18 months and costs $200 for adults, $100 for children.

If they don't meet the above criteria, immigrants are denied citizenship. Other reasons for refusal are immigrants who have lost their Canadian citizenship, were convicted or charged with a crime in the past three years, and those being investigated or convicted of war crimes.

An immigrant must pass the Canadian Citizenship Test if his or her application is approved. After passing the test, an interview is required. After passing the interview, you can't wait to witness the ceremony where an immigrant swears to become a Canadian citizen.

Like other countries, Canadian citizenship requires that immigrants fulfill certain criteria. They must also follow strict and sometimes tedious procedures before they are granted citizenship. Canadian citizenship is possible if the immigrant is well-informed about the steps required.