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Volvo Truck Parts: Better Suspension Gives You a Softer Ride

A truck's suspension is an essential component. It's the linkage system between the hauls and the shock absorber. It absorbs the vibration of the vehicle as it drives on the road. 

The suspension provides support for the braking system, enabling it to respond quickly by braking instantly when necessary. You can also buy Volvo trucks via Johnson’s Truck and Coach Service

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Good suspension parts not only absorb shocks while driving but also protect the truck's occupants from those shocks. Volvo has been around since 1980 and over the years they have worked hard to improve their suspension system.

Trucks have both front and rear suspensions because they are equipped with trailers. Volvo trucks are equipped with an air suspension system that not only stabilizes the ride but also improves its comfort. 

The suspension airbags are located outside of the rails' frame at the rear cab. This provides the cab with greater stability when turning. The cab's sway can be reduced by using lateral shock absorbers. Hardened rubber dampeners are used in suspension systems to absorb severe shocks.

There is also the Volvo T-Ride suspension, which has rubber towers as well as trunnion-mounted Springs. This gives the truck a great track even in the most difficult driving conditions. This is a crucial component in off-road driving.