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How To Avoid Leaking Water Heater?

A leaking water heater can cause damage. The water leakage will make the floor slippery that it might harm anyone in your home. Therefore, when you find a leaking water heater, have it fixed immediately before it is getting worse.

You probably can not repair a leaking water heater. However, you can do some preventive actions. Thus, we give you the following steps to prevent leaking water heater. You can also visit this website to get the best water heater testing services.

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What you have to do for the first time is to check your water heater every 4-6 months. Check the tank carefully. Make sure that all connections are safe from leaks. Also, you have to take a look at every component and ensure that they are in good condition. 

If you find any old fixtures that indicate corrosion, replace them immediately since corrosion becomes the main cause of leaks. You can check the bottom of the tank to see whether there is any corrosion or not by using a flashlight.

Firstly shut off the power, electricity, or gas to the tank. Prepare a bucket to accommodate the water coming from the pipe then you can pull the lever. If you can not see any water flowing through the valve, it means that the valve is out of order that you have to replace it with the new one.

Addressing on the tank, do a regular draining twice a year. Corrosion that leads to leaks might be caused by the sediment lying at the bottom of the tank. Once again, be careful. Make sure that the electricity is in 'off' mode before you start draining the tank. 

Attach a pipe to the draining valve placed under the water heater. Point the pipe to a space that you consider to be safe from scalding water. Now you can open the valve, the pressure-relief one.