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Impact of Drinking Bottled Water on Health

Water is the basic necessity to live. People need water to calm their thirst. But drinking is not at all about water, people must drink safe and purified water. It is not just good for health, it is also better in taste. To drink purified water many people have water purifiers at home and at the work space. Water filter removes all the impurities from the water and makes it fit for consumption by humans. You can buy a water purification system at

Even after having  a water filter at home , whenever people go outside they depend on bottled water to drink. Bottled water is purified but it has various drawbacks that people fail to understand. Bottled water not just impacts our health it also impacts the environment. Using plastic and storing something in it can be bad for health. Bottled water often contains toxins from the plastic.

Talking about environmental issues, plastic is always a threat to the environment. Plastic cannot be decomposed. People when use bottled water either they throw it anywhere or even when they throw it in the dustbin it cannot be treated. In either of the ways use of plastic bottles in harming both health and environment. Get water filters today and carry your own filter water every time you step out of your home.