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Are Wedding Favours Necessary In Melbourne?

The distribution of wedding favors is a tradition that has continually been passed down through generations. Of course, they’re not a necessity, but they’re certainly a nice gesture for your guests and make for some great pictures and memories.

In addition to being an important wedding tradition, wedding gifts serve two purposes: to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you and to leave a lasting impression that will make them think of you for years to come.

Souvenirs also serve as a memento of your wedding. Many guests like to save their wedding service (or the service box they put in) as a souvenir afterward. You can also give Bonbonniere chocolates in Melbourne as a wedding favor.

You can place it at each guest's treat, place it on the dining table next to the table where each guest sits, or set up a special table near your reception entrance for guests to choose for themselves.

What types of wedding services are there?

There are many types of small gifts that you can use as wedding services. Some of the most popular types of wedding services are:

1) Novelty Preference: Think personalized matchbooks, small toys, monogrammed coins, and temporary tattoos.

2) Edible Souvenirs: From chocolate truffles to a delicious candy buffet, edible wedding favors are always appreciated by guests. You can even enjoy drinks like small bottles of whiskey or gin.

3) Non-Edible Souvenirs: From potpourri packages to scented soaps and candles, non-edible wedding gifts are also a great way to thank your guests. They are highly valued by guests who may not be able to enjoy edible services.