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Experiencing The Joy Of African Safari

The word Safari means ‘a long journey’ in a native African language. When you remember this word, the first thought that comes into your mind is planning an African safari in exotic tropical locations.

Kenya, which is located on the east coast of Africa, provides the best experience of the expedition. It consists of 59 state national parks and about 70 luxury safari lodges that make your journey comfortable, surprising and fun-filled. To get full details on this, you may explore the internet.

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People often consider an African safari vacation to be glamorous and expensive, but not so. You can also plan a low budget trip if you intend to stay in tents and choose a small truck or van as your travel mode. Only nature lovers and explorers chose to do this.

Kenya offers you a memorable African safari vacation as recognized for the best tourist places of her. It is home to the popular Masai Mara game reserve which is open all year round. It is inhabited by a species of lions, rhinos, zebras, elephants and other wild animals.

Almost all the tourist locations and accommodations are equipped with a manual trip, tour guides, accommodations and transportation. You just have to consider your personal taste and your budget when going about an African safari holiday.