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Wound Care And Dressing

Today's advanced wound care systems incorporate an array of amorphous hydrogel products. Remedy with amorphous hydrogel is gaining broad acceptance in the medical community as an effective wound care treatment for exuding wounds. 

This type of wound care therapy generates an ideal healing environment and may significantly accelerate the healing of even persistent wounds. You can find the best hyperHeal wound care in your area.

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The amorphous hydrogel is a topical program for exuding (weeping/oozing) wounds. There are two major benefits to using an amorphous hydrogel for wound care:

1) Ease of therapy of deeper or uneven wounds: Lacerations and scrapes can be particularly hard to deal with. These wounds tend to be irregular: boundaries can be irregular, and the wound as a whole may be deeper and much more jagged in some areas, shallower and smoother others. 

The amorphous hydrogel is a gel solution that's applied directly to the wound. The gel can float down into all areas of the wound, such as the deeper, rougher components. This ensures even coverage of the whole wound.

2) Creating a moist environment: Moisture is very important for the proper healing of exuding wounds. Amorphous hydrogel produces and maintains a moist environment that promotes healing.

Wound care products such as Convatec Aquacel have the added benefit of containing stainless steel. Ionic silver has powerful antifungal properties. 

It also helps to kill bacteria and other germs which may come into contact with the wound area and protect the wound, decreasing the risk of infection.