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Thumb sucking – Does Your Child Have A Problem?

How strongly a child sucks the thumb is important. When our child is asleep we gently pull the thumb in their mouth. If he fell without effort, not much sucking was happening. But there was a lot of suction, they are still in the throes of a strong habit and it is obvious that the degree of intensity can lead to misalignment of teeth. You could check here about problems caused by thumb sucking.

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Nevertheless, it is important to note that most children drop thumbsucking themselves without intervention. That is true. Over the years, I improved to identify ways to help our small thumbsuckers meet their habits and change. So for those of us who need to give our children a little help, consider the following.

– Less pressure is better.

Creating a power struggle is the last thing you want to do. Think you know some stubborn adults? Wait until you approach with a 3-year-old who believes God does.

– Involve your child.

Let's face it, you can not force your child to stop his habit of thumbsucking. So start to get creative to guide, assist and cheerleading. In fact, sitting and talking can go a long way with most preschoolers. Explaining that thumbsucking is something good for small babies, but can mean to grow more important things to do is a lot younger is not a song to resist. 

– Go for the long term.

Some children will abandon their thumbsucking overnight. But for those still cherished habit, change will come more slowly. Think months, perhaps a year or more. Instead of being discouraged, recognize that this is a lifestyle change. 

Thumbsucking can be a frustrating time in the life of a family or a work period of conscientious team and self-esteem. As a parent, you have a choice.