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Tips To Make Braided Bracelets

Bracelet braided bracelet is one of the best bracelets you should have. The good thing with them is that they not only look elegant but also easy to make. If you are interested in making them, here is how to go about it:

How to make a braided bracelet

The first thing you should do is to cut three pieces of material that you want to make bracelets. The material can be a thread, paracord, leather. For ideal results you should make sure that the strands of different colors that look good together. For example, you can choose the colors red, white, and yellow. You can also use paracord jigs to make a braided bracelet.

You must bind the strands together by tying a knot at the top strands while leaving an inch of material on top of the knot. For you to easily establish a bracelet, you have to ensure that the strands long enough.

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To anchor the bracelet, you have to record it short loose ends of the strands to the table. You can also tape the ends loose to the edge of the table.

Then you must establish a bracelet with separate strands into three groups: left, right, and center. You must move the right strand over the middle strand and then left over the right strand. By doing this, you will have moved to the right side of the central strand. You should continue to build up an inch of the remaining strand.

After finishing doing this, you have to tie a knot at the end of the braid and untape bracelet. If you want to speed up the bracelet, you can tie the loose ends together.