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Top Tips For Making Your Coil Last Longer

The first thing that you can do is invest in a coil that you know will last a long time. The market for vapor coils has grown exponentially, creating a wide variety of different competing coil brands.

Some companies provide affordable ceramic coils for people to buy which seem a preferable option and will last a long time. To know more about ceramic coil visit

Some of these cheap substitutes can come packaged with inferior wicking material, creating a foul flavor from your e-liquids, and even come shipped completely non-functional. When it comes to replacement coils, various companies exclusively supply high-quality brands that will keep your vaporizer in full working order for much longer.

Simply giving your coil a regular clean can keep your vaporizer at peak efficiency, and there's no excuse for not doing it. A dry hit happens when there is no e-juice left to heat the coil.

After this coil will begin to burn the element which causes a terrible taste. The coil may not be broken, but this bad taste will taint the liquids that you use in the future, which will make you want to replace the coil as soon as possible.

To avoid this, keep on top of how much liquid you have left. Regularly check how much is available and if there is still a tiny bit left, top it up anyway. Don't take any risks.