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Uses For Parachute Cord

Paracord might sound like a strange combination of words, but I hope to explain clearly what they mean in the following paragraphs. Paracord is derived from two words and they have a significant history into one word.

It is versatile and very strong cable was developed by the military for air deployment of US paratroopers in World War II.

The military is able to utilize the "paracord" in many ways beyond parachuting into the tactical environment. They use it as a light, compact cable survival among countless other uses. Paracord referred to as MIL-C-5040 by the military have a different feel from the commercial version. You can buy viper 550 paracord from various web sources.

When the cord is cut and the inside looks reveal 7 in nylon bundled strands, each consisting of three strands of the inner but with one difference-obviously one of the three strands of mind this would be a strand of yellow and black. : Paracord 550 Kit - Five Colors (Olive Drab, ACU ...

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Paracord 550 usually has the same tensile strength as the original but not through the same demand rigorous test of the military. Paracord 550 refers to the tensile strength at 550 lbs. The actual difference between the commercial and military paracord fairly small.

One should be careful and look out for what you buy if you need the original requirement. Paracord is known that reliability, power, and affordability – even commercial varieties such as military issues come in a wider range of colors available.

Due to the vast array of color paracord useful, robust cable has become very popular with students of all ages, outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. It can be braided or weaved into beautiful patterns like weaving cobra, king cobra weave, square weave, weave snakes, sawtooth gutted flat, and so on.