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Virtual Call Center Requirements

In our last post, we looked at the idea of a Virtual Call Center and its numerous advantages over a typical call center. This time, we'll look at the best way to set up the concept of a virtual call center. This is the first of the series of virtual call center specifications. They don't recommend wireless or satellite Internet connection for use with VoIP within the context of a call center

The first thing to think about implementing includes extremely fast Internet service. It is required to make your calls as well as computer data (such as e-mails, communicating with colleagues, browsing the web, etc.). There are a variety of kinds that offer high-speed Internet connections. 

Any of these options may meet the requirements of your facility, based on the number of staff members you have as well as the number of simultaneous calls you can anticipate at any given moment. For larger-scale deployments, or with a greater number of simultaneous calls, you may want to consider an even more powerful Internet connection.

Inexpensive "latency," meaning the length of time between when someone speaks and the time the resultant sound is heard by another person

Possible issues that could arise from "jitter," meaning a discord between the order that voice packets are sent as well as the order in which they're received, which may result in the sound becoming jumbled.

potential issues related to "packet loss" in which some voice packets might be lost completely and result in the listening party being unable to hear for a period of silence