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What Are Expansion Joints?

Expansion joint systems are an innovative alternative for pipes and pipelines. These joints can be used in the oil, paper, and petrochemical industries and in many other fields.

Metal expansion joints are crucial components for pipeline technology. They are used to counterbalance length changes, which usually occur in pipelines from temperature changes. Apart from this, if you are looking for the valves expansion, butterfly valve and strainer, then you can browse online resources.

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Metal expansion joints offer a cost-effective choice and enhance the productive life cycle of a pipeline system. Designed to last as long as the system; metal bellows reduce sealing problems and the large space needed with alternative expansion equipment.

Expansion joints work in split two structures, such as buildings, and creating gaps. 


Changes in temperature, such as extreme heat, causes the material in a building to expand, this joint fights this expansion. When the temperature drops below the freezing point of building materials can constrict. 

Structures with Expansion

Expansion joints ability to expand and narrow the gap adjust the size of the structure, thereby reducing the need for repairs and other maintenance procedures. Sidewalks, bridges, railways, and many of the buildings used for their stress-relieving qualities.

Joint placement

The location varies depending on the structure. In some cases, the joints are located in the middle of the project. This is the case with bridges and pipelines. Other structures requires several whole.

Expansion joints have revolutionized the way many of the structures built today. They reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs, thus allowing for a greater diversity of structure to be built.