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What To See In Paris

Paris is rich with activities to do.So how could you know what to do and what to see as a priority? It's your first visit to Paris and you want to be sure not to miss any of the best places in the city? 

Don't worry, there are many firms like Venez Discover that provide the best travel packages for you.If there are only 4 places that you should visit in Paris then there are those ones.

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The Eiffel Tower

After visiting Paris, you must see the iconic structure that is Eiffel Tower, which was built by Gustave Eiffel in 1989. It attracts approximately 7 million visitors per year. Eiffel Tower is also known to be the symbol of love because a large number of Honeymooners and Couples visit this place to enjoy the views.

 Arc de Triomphe

It is the largest monument of its type in the world. This arch is dedicated to the glory of imperial armies and was built in the 19th Century between 1806-1836 and was made in the honor of those who fought for France, during the Napoleonic Wars.

Château de Versailles

It is an absolute masterpiece and is the symbol of the French monarchy which used to be the home of the Sun King Louis XIV as well as his descendants Louis XV and Louis XVI. 

Louvre Museum

It is the largest art museum in the entire world and a historic monument in Paris which is one of the biggest tourist attractions.