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Roger Peele, M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A.

P.O Box 1040
Rockville, Maryland 29849-1040
Work Telephone: 240-777-3351
Work FAX: 240-777-3307 "Attn: Peele"


University of North Carolina BA, 1955
University of Tennessee, M.D., 1960 Internship, Saint Elizabeths, 1960-61
Residency in Psychiatry, Saint Elizabeths, 1961-64

2001- Present: Chief Psychiatrist, Montgomery County Government, Rockville, Maryland
1979- Present: Clinical Professor, The George Washington University, Washington, DC
1995- Present: Clinical Faculty, Saint Elizabeths Residency Program
2004- Present: Instructor, Howard University, Washington, DC
1998- 2001 Attending Psychiatrist, The George Washington University, Washington, DC
1996- 1998 Medical Director, Northern Virginia M.H. Institute, Fairfax County, Virginia
1995- 1996 CME Director, The George Washington University, Washington, DC
1995- 1996 Editor, Publisher, Washington Psychiatry
1991- 2008 Consultant, CMS, Medicare Surveyor
1979- 1995 Psychiatry Department Chairman, Saint Elizabeths, NIMH and periodically during these years also:
-Psychiatrist, Asylum Community
-Director, Overholser Division of Training
-Medical Director, Forensic Programs
-President, Medical Staff
-Chief Clinical Officer/Medical Director
1978-1979 Assistant Director for Treatment, NIMH, Rockville, MD
1974-1979 Assistant/Acting Superintendent, Saint Elizabeths, NIMH
1969-1973 Director, Area D CMHC, Saint Elizabeths, NIMH
1967-1969 Chief of Service, Neuropsychopharmacology Program NIMH, Saint Elizabeths
1964-1967 Faculty, Training Department, Saint Elizabeths
1961-1964 Psychiatric Residency, Saint Elizabeths
1960-1961 General Rotating Internship, Saint Elizabeths

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Psychiatry, 1971, recertified in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012
Administration Psychiatry, 1969
Forensic Psychiatry, 1982

Professional Activities:
2010 – present APA Secretary
2007- 2010 APA Trustee-At-Large, Board of Trustees
2006- present, DSM-5 Steering Committee
2001- 2007 Area III Trustee, Board of Trustee, APA
1989- 1992 Trustee-At-Large, Board of Trustees, APA
1990s Trustee, Board, Group for Advancement of Psychiatry (Two Terms)
1986- 1987 Speaker of the APA Assembly
1975- Present: Member or Guest of APA Assembly
1974- Present: Member, Washington Psychiatric Society, Board of Directors
Past-President, Saint Elizabeths Medical Society
Past-President, DC Chapter of the Washington Psychiatric Society
Past-President, Federal Physicians Association
Past-President, Psychiatric Section, DC Medical Society
Past-President, American Association of Psychiatric Administrators
Past-President, American Association of Social Psychiatry
Member of roughly 100 APA or District Branch committees including those that developed DSM-III, DSM IIIR, DSM-IV, DSM-V and APA’s Practice Guideline

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Publications and Presentations Topics: (Often Co-authored)

Access to Psychiatric Care (
Acupuncture, 1974, 1975, 1976
Administrative Psychiatry Ethics
APA Issues
Being a Lighthouse, 1987
Beyond “Non-Discrimination”
Beyond Community Psychiatry
Bipolar Disorder
Can the Psychiatric Administrator Be Ethical?
Clinical Utility as an Aspect of a Psychiatric Diagnostic System
Coercion in Psychiatry
Commitment to Freedom
Defining Mental Illness, 2007
DSM III, 1980, 1981
DSM IIIR, 1987, 1988
DSM IV, 1994, 1995
DSM-V, 2007, 2008
Empirical Review of DSM-IV Valid Diagnoses, 2008
Ernest R. Groves' contribution to American Sociology
Health Care Reform
Historical Review of the APA's Position and "Parity.", 2007
Hyperpyrexia Catatonia, 1970
Hysterical Personality Disorder
Hysterical Psychosis
Idiot Savants, 1967
Importance of Involuntary Treatment
Imprinting, 1966
Indications for Establishing Committees
Infanticide, 1965
Lethal Catatonia
Management of Anxiety Adjustment Disorder
Mental Trauma (WPS News, Sept/Oct 2007)
Mercurial Disorder (WPS News, Jan/Feb 2009)
Misuse of the Term "suicidality"
Multiaxial System
Neurasthenia, 1969
Nomenclature in Psychiatry
Outpatient Commitment
Partial Hospitalization
Patient Rights and Patient Chronicity
Phencyclidine Psychosis
Physician-Patient Relationship
Polypharmacy in Psychiatry
Prevention in Psychiatry
Psychiatric Management
Psychopharmacology, 2009
Psychosomatic Illness, 1963
Public Mental Hospitals
Regulation Disorder [Borderline Personality Disorder], 2003
Should the Community Replace the Asylum?
Standards and Quality Control
Structuring Mental Health Services, 1967
Substance Abuse, 1965
Supportive Psychotherapy
Supportive Psychotherapy in Adjustment Disorders
The Ethics of Deinstitutionalization
The Legal System and the Homeless
The Need for Asylums, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1985
The Need for Treatment
Training Paraprofessionals
Treatment Diagnosing
Utilization Review, 1968
White House Cases, 1964

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Included in Consumer's Research Council of America's "Guide to America's Top Psychiatrists" , 2007
Annual APA Administrative Psychiatry Award
Annual Community Services Award, D.C. Medical Society
Annual Chapter Award, Suburban Maryland Psychiatric Society
Annual Distinguished Psychiatric Services Award, DC Chapter of WPS
Annual Distinguished Psychiatric Services Award, DC Medical Society
Annual Harold Eist Award, Washington Society Foundation
Honorary Member of Baltimore-DC Psychoanalytic Society
Half a dozen awards associated with Saint Elizabeths/NIMH
Listed in Who’s Who in America, Professional International Who’s Who, and other Who’s Who
NAMI’s Exemplary Psychiatrist Award, 2000
Nominated for Heroes in the Flight, 2008
Andromeda Transcultural Award, 2005
APA Lifer's Award, 2008
American Association Psychoanalytic Physicians Laughlin Award, 2009
Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrist Distinguished Service Award, 2010
American Association of Administrative Association Annual Award, 2011
Area III Warren Williams Speaker's Award, 2011

Married [1963], widowed [1988], and remarried [1992]. Five children and six grandchildren.

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