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Why Should You Trust the Bible?

We all learn by three standards: logic, experience, and evidence. The three standards form the basis for the scientific method, intelligent debate, and even education itself. Indeed, that's how we determine whether a person is smart or stupid, wise or foolish. You can get more information about the complete biblical timeline via online sources. 

There are many people out there, who use all types of arguments against the Bible. Some say it is too old to be relevant. Some say it is scientifically accurate. Some say it is morally reprehensible. Some say it is contradicting itself. Some say it's just plain stupid. 

Some even say that it really does not make sense. Are they right? Are we wasting our time learning from the book? Is it really a book of fairy tales and superstition? Do we have, today, the same scriptures were written thousands of years ago?


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In 2008, archaeologists found a clay pot, inscribed "With Christ, Miracle-Worker". It is dated to the first century.

Several years ago, a letter to Emperor Tiberius, of Pontius Pilate, was found. It is regarded as authentic history, and there are three copies: one in the Vatican library, one in the British Museum, and one at the Library of Congress. 

It depicts Christ in detail and contains no contradiction to the Gospel accounts. Interesting thing? There is no evidence that Pontius Pilate, or Emperor Tiberius, was a follower of Christ … as far as we know, they are both the pagan Romans.


Important Things to Know Before Applying As A Business Analyst

There are many things that you will need to consider when you are preparing a resume when applying for a job as a business analyst. There are some important issues that you always have to address when doing this.

The first is the accuracy of your resume. In many cases, applicants who may not have much to show typically ended up adorning their resumes in order to impress the panel. You can get professional resume services online at

However, you always have to keep in mind that it has become very easy for most companies to verify the facts, and most of them actually do. If it is found that you falsified information on a resume, you will automatically lose the chance to get a job.

How to become a business analyst - A step-by-step guide

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Another important thing that you will need to remember is to always ensure that your resume is relevant. Most people write one application and then use it for all the positions that they are applying for. However, each position usually has different needs as far as skills are concerned, and this means that you will need to create a resume that addresses this need. 

The layout of your resume is also very important if you want to improve your employment opportunities. The main thing to remember is that the layout you choose should aim to reduce the amount of work that panelists should work through to read it. In short, the key to writing a successful resume when applying for a job in business analysis is to make your resume as an honest and easy to read as possible.


Get Kids To Learn Keyboard Lesson And Vocal Training

If you live in Sydney and are interested in music or want voice training, you can join in Randwick. They have all the facilities and resources to provide specialized training for kids and adults. To get more information about kids singing lessons in Randwick you can search the browser.

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Piano Lessons

Most children love music and some of them have an aptitude for it. Kids' keyboard lessons can be given to beginners as early as four years. Firstly, the teacher can start with black keys as they can be identified easily. Once the child has learned the technique of moving between a pair of black keys, this can be used in a few songs before going to the next skill. 

Techniques For Singing

A singing lesson in Sydney should follow certain techniques in order to be able to sing well. Singing lessons can be crucial for a child in the early days; if the proper technique is not taught they learn the hard-to-break habits that can lead to damage to the vocal cords. 

It is good to start every class with some stretching exercises that will also develop a good posture while singing. Simple breathing techniques are essential; they then practice hissing and buzzing and humming that can eventually lead to singing. Even sounds are important while exhaling. 


The Truth Behind Easter According to the Bible

During the Easter season, (especially on Friday), Christian focus on the passion of Jesus Christ. This is a phrase used to describe the suffering and death on the cross. Here is a breakdown of important events recorded in the Bible, including the events prior to and immediately after the Crucifixion. You can learn the main concepts of The Amazing Bible Timeline With World History online.

The Last Supper- Jesus had the last supper with his disciples. He explained that he left them, but they failed to understand the meaning of the words. 

Jesus was betrayed and arrested- He is at this time that Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot and arrested. 

Religious Leaders Condemn Jesus- At this point in the timeline, the religious leaders of the ruling condemn Jesus and he was sentenced to death. 

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Jesus is Crucified- Scripture records that he was crucified at the third hour and Jesus was reported to have asked for forgiveness for those around him. 

Jesus Speaks to Mary and John- A key event recorded in the Bible, Jesus is reported to have spoken with her mother, and the disciple he loved, saying they were now a family. After this John takes Mary into his house.

Jesus Laid in the Tomb- Jesus is laid in the tomb of a friend. Scripture records that this was done in a hurry.

Jesus Rises from the Dead- The scriptures record that Mary Magdalene came to the tomb to dress the deceased body of Christ. He found the empty tomb and then conversed with the risen Christ, who urged him to tell others about what he had seen. 

This revival is the key point of the celebration of Easter for Christians who believe Jesus Christ is risen and is alive. 


Selection Of Best Child Care In Redditch

Finding the right Daycare program in Redditch might be tough, but it is undeniably significant to recall that as a parent, you play a very important role in your child's development. And part of that function needs you to find the right daycare provider for him.

The relationship between the child and the caregiver can have a significant effect on his self-esteem over the long term. Finding the right caregiver is all the more important because children need warm and unchanging care. The right Child Care center in Redditch can supply all these services. Click, to get more info about daycare centers.

Address the Number of young kids per Group

One important concern in selecting a Child Care center in Redditch is how numerous young kids they accredit to one-by-one care providers. The lesser the group is the better. This is because the Child Care provider should be adept to give adequate vigilance to each and every child. The children care guideline identifies that there are a maximum number of young kids that may be permitted in the assembly.

What kinds of undertakings are provided?

School-age young kids are at the most active stage of their discovering development. For this reason, it is significant to reveal them to new experiences, ideas, and possibilities in a secure environment. Although, letting them run rampant is furthermore not suggested.

Would it be likely to Visit the Center Anytime?

Authorizing guideline stipulates that parents can visit their young kids anytime. If they are looking for a children's care center in Redditch, for demonstration, they should be allowed to go in and observe the amenities.

Likewise, if you desire to visit your child for anything cause while he is at the center, the employees should let you in anytime.