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All About Tamper Evident Bags

Anyone who has boarded a plane has experienced firsthand the frustration of enhanced airport security measures. And the restrictions keep on coming with bans and limits on liquids being one of the latest aviation headaches to hit travelers.

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Is there any way to bring back the fun and enjoyment of flying? Manufacturers of heat shrink PVC, shrink bands, tamper-evident bags and shrink labels for tamper-evident seals think so, and they are setting out to return air travel to some of its pre-2001 heyday glory.

Last month, a price comparison site for domestic travel deals released a news blurb titled "Duty-free easier with tamper-evident bags." Therein, it was reported that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has "approved tamper-evident bags for the transportation of duty-free liquids such as liquor, wine, and perfume. While not perfect, the tamper-evident technology is making it easier for flyers to swallow travel restrictions.

So who exactly will benefit from these tamper-evident bags? These bags are for passengers departing, those who've bought those items in secure (post-security) sections of the airport. However, these tamper-evident bags will not be accepted at security checkpoints."

International travelers need not think they are being left out, however. When they check their baggage, they are reunited with it only upon arrival. Therefore, they too "have the opportunity to store duty-free items in those bags before their next flight."