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Is Paint Protection Film Really Worth The Cost?

As vehicle protection film grew, it became more and more popular. Many have asked us if we think the paint protective film/PPF is worth the price. As industry experts and 1000s of cars that have been installed over the years, we have a few inferences about paint protective films and their value to help you make your decision.

If you recently bought a new vehicle or are planning to buy a new one, you will likely find a protective film, PPF, or clear shield to protect your new car paint. You can also browse jrsautodetailing to find more information about the paint protection film.

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The answer is yes. This industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Gone are the days when paint protective film quickly yellowed and got tired of your paint or you could see the film on your car.

With a great installer and one of the best products, you can tell that there is something to that car. Paint protection film (PPF) truly has a magical ability to heal swirls and scratches that heal heat and leave your paint sparkling and lustrous. It also can absorb shocks and protect your paint from sawdust.

If you are one of those people who want your car to be flawless with glossy paint and you want to keep its value to the highest possible standard then protective film is worth it. The paint protection film is almost undetectable, has self-healing properties to protect against swirls, and a 10-year warranty.