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Reusable Second Hand Plastic Crate

There has recently been some unexpected success in the burgeoning UK wine industry for those that specialize within the reusable plastic crate rental service.

Specialist companies have expanded their direct sales arm and not only promotes new returnable transit equipment but also ranges of fast-moving second-hand goods such as metal roll cages, plastic pallet boxes, and crate rental.

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Wooden Pallets

The nature of second-hand equipment such as roll cages and pallet boxes means that it is generally very fast-moving and once it's gone it's gone! The main part of such companies' operation concerns long-term contracts, which, once in place tend to run with little need for day-to-day input. However such businesses have adapted very well to the fast-moving pace required to be successful in this type of trading.

Furthermore, a number of new customers have come on board – some may be a single sale, but other new customers continue to return to such companies because of their professional services.

A wine-growing concern in Cornwall contacted those suppliers of reusable crates recently and subsequently purchased a number of second-hand plastic pallet boxes for use in general field use, and of course the collection and storage of the grapes.

This type of equipment is ideal for such projects because of its durability. They are easily cleaned making them a hygienic solution for such jobs. Of course, with such companies also providing second-hand pallets they are helping save energy by producing more crates and pallets than is necessary.