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Fulfillment centers: Everything You Need to Know

Fulfillment centers are third-party service providers that process and ship products purchased by customers. Fulfillment centers take care of all the logistics needed to deliver an order to the customer. This eliminates the need to pack, address and ship each order individually.

First, store your product inventory with the fulfillment company before you can use a fulfillment center. When you receive an order via your website, you notify the fulfillment center. They will then locate the product, prepare it for shipping and work with a shipping company to deliver it to your customer. Your e-commerce website is the only point of contact for the customer.

3pl eCommerce fulfillment center is a great option for merchants.

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No physical infrastructure -Fulfillment centers eliminate the need for a physical address to house and process your orders.

Faster Order Processing- Fulfillment centers can ship orders quicker than most e-commerce sellers.

Lower staffing expenses- You don't need to manage and hire your own staff to run a fulfillment center.

Larger product selection- Fulfillment centers allow sellers to offer more products than they would be able to if they had their own inventories.

Scalable operations- Fulfillment centers can process thousands, if not hundreds of orders per day. This helps sellers to keep shipping moving.

Fulfillment centers can process orders quicker, but the time it takes for an item to be shipped from a center depends on its location. This could lead to extended shipping times.