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About Elearning For Companies

Modern corporate eLearning platforms can be custom-built to integrate all the information your employees require to learn in-demand skills, feedback, skill-matching, guidance, projects, gigs, and jobs.

Stakeholders of the top eLearning companies believe that successful onboarding of new employees is not just a function of product education but also a practice that ensures that they will be well trained on the company’s brand, mission, messaging, policies, and procedures.

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Online learning experience portal is the solution for:

1. Companies that pay for unused training content because their current onboarding system can not assign courses, so employees are not held accountable for their required online training and they just are not taking the training.

2. Modern companies with a high percentage of the workforce that work from remote or virtual office locations.

Key features of the Onboarding Module of the Corporate Talent Management system:

1. Integration with an existing HR system

When a new hire is added to your HR system, their account is automatically created in the LXP.

2. Course enrollment automation

When your new hires are added to your HR system, they are automatically added, for example, to a “Welcome to the Company” onboarding course in the LXP.

3. Controlled timeframes

With this option, you will know that new hires are meeting their onboarding goals and keeping up with their training schedule. With the ability to set deadlines you can track who has completed their training and who needs a reminder.