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Below Ground Trampoline Netting – A Must Have For High Adventure

There are many exciting joys to trampolining, including seeing how high you can leap. One of the biggest fears is falling off the trampoline onto hard ground ten feet below. You can just do it with a netted enclosure. This type of net attaches to your trampoline frame and covers the jumping surface.

The entrance is overlapping so that jumpers can easily get in and out, while the jumping surface remains enclosed. The trampoline netting can be up to six feet in height and is available in a variety of sizes to fit most trampolines. You can mount the netting on either the inside or outside of the jumping surface. You can also check out the top quality components of a trampoline. 

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It is easier to jump in a larger area if it is mounted on the frame. A trampoline netting mesh is 1 inch in diameter and is typically made with a nylon, but it can also be used to make strong, soft nylon or polyethylene. Nylon nets are the strongest in breaking resistance. Nylon netting can deteriorate quickly if it isn't treated correctly. 

For a longer-lasting use, make sure your trampoline net is UV resistant. An enclosure on a trampoline is less likely to be moved by the wind. When purchasing trampoline netting, make sure to purchase anchors. Safety precautions include making sure children don't climb or bounce on the trampoline netting.