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How To Make Wooden Windows More Secure

Police statistics suggest that approximately 30 percent of thieves gain access to homes using a window; therefore it's wise to create your windows as safe as you can. Window safety doesn't need too much cost.

Window locks aren't expensive and easily available in DIY stores. Window locks are simple to fit and function. Aside from window guards, you may also match locking window grips. All these will also be key-operated.

How To Make Wooden Windows More Secure

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Most window locks include screws that are much too brief to defy forcing. Replace them with more screws which will penetrate the timber so far as possible.

Window bolts may be used for side-by-side hung; high suspended and sash wooden windows. The windows can easily be secured by pushing a button to fasten both regions of the lock together after shutting the window.

Snap locks that are acceptable for many wooden windows lock together automatically the moment the two lock components match.

Sash stops are just another choice. They're powerful and suitable to use and don't have to be eliminated from the window when launching. They may be set to the upper framework allowing the window to be left about 5 inches for venting but protected.

Casement windows, by their design, have to be secured by procuring the window into the framework. They're more stable than surface-mounted locks since the bolt participates in a pit in the framework.

If your window has holes and you also wish to secure your windows at the open place for purposes of venting, replace the peg where the window remains normally. This lockable fixing will allow you to fasten the window by simply attaching the screw-on lock into the peg with a unique square led key.