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The Best Light Soy Sauce Substitutes

Many Asian dishes include soy sauce as a key ingredient. Soy sauce light is especially popular in Chinese cooking and certain Japanese dishes.You can try  the best soy sauce  via

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There are many options for light soy sauce substitutions if you're trying to prepare a buffet of foods and you don't have any light soy sauce. How you replace light soy sauce may depend on whether you’re trying to eliminate soy or gluten from your diet, simply don’t have any soy sauce on hand, or are trying to reduce sodium in your cooking.

What are the best light-soy sauce alternatives? Tamari is another soy-based sauce made without wheat and is the best light substitute for soy sauce in terms of flavor matching. You can also substitute miso, coconut, liquid aminos and Worcestershire, hoisin or oyster sauce.

Substitution for Light Soy Sauce – Conversion Chart. This quick guide will help you to substitute different foods and ingredients for light soy sauce.

Tamari: Tamari tastes almost exactly like soy sauce if you don't have a soy allergy. It's made from soybeans, and is brewed in the same way as soy sauce, but doesn't contain wheat.  This sauce can be used to replace soy in a 1:1 proportion. 

Liquid aminos: Liquid aminos, also known as Bragg, is a liquid protein concentrate made from soybeans and not fermented. It tastes similar to soy sauce but milder and sweeter.