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The Best Review of Noguchi Table

Being a big fan of mid-century modern furniture, many enjoy spending time writing about the items they own and reviews help others to choose their next piece of furniture.

The Noguchi table is the most famous table in the world and rightfully so. You can tell it's unique if you just look at it and marvel at how the glass and wood combine so perfectly. You can also visit for a Noguchi table replica.

But you're here to hear exactly why you should invest your money on this coffee table versus another one, right?

Here are the features of the Noguchi coffee table:

1) The Noguchi table only consists of three pieces. There are two curved legs that interlock and become a tripod. This gives the table enough strength and support to hold the glass top that completes this awesome structure.

2) If you buy this piece of furniture, your resale value will peak in only about 5 years! Obviously, this only counts for the authentic pieces, not the knockoffs, so make sure your table has Noguchi's signature on it.

3) The rich stain on the wood is finished by hand. This is amazing considering that barely anything is made by hand anymore! This also guarantees that any scratches will not be noticed and your table will continue to look new for years and years.