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Try Before Die: Special Indian Cuisine

1: Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is a typical dish of the desert land that is Rajasthan and is a treat for your taste buds as well as your stomach. This dish is so popular that it is served in #1 indian restaurants in Richardson TX with masala twist fusion, as well as many other countries also. 

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The selection of pulses is used to prepare the Dal which is accompanied by the frame which consists of wheat flour dough and baked in an earthen pan or brick using charcoal or wood. The Churma is a sweet dish, made with wheat flour and coarse Rava deep in ghee with cashews 

2: Dahi Vada

This north Indian cuisine has listed in most favorite snacks are especially on occasions and festivals. The laced Vada is fried with a generous helping of sour milk and is topped with Dhaniya (cilantro) and chutney of imli (tamarind). A pinch of black chaat masala or black salt add sweet tartness in Dahi Vada.

3: Kadhi

 The curd mixed with gram flour is allowed to simmer, while asafetida pinch is allowed to work its magic. Add a few pieces of pakoras or papad and delicious Kadhi is ready to be eaten.

4: Rabri

Sweets are an integral part of the kitchen and Rabri is the most favorite northern delicacy. The amazing dessert that originated in the holy city of Mathura is also easy to prepare, unlike other sweets. The milk mixed with sugar is heated to boiling and formed cream layers on low heat. Some people like to add some Kesar (saffron) which gives a beautiful color to this sweet dish.