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How PR Works and What PR Can Do for You

Every day, hundreds of so-called experts were quoted in newspapers, on radio, in news-oriented Web sites, and on television. But these same media advertising cost thousands of dollars.

We never questioned the budget lines for the cost of advertising, but we often refuse to add a line for public relations services. You can find public relations services through Stanfel Media.

Well, they were wrong. Ask any producer, entertainment executive, restaurateurs, innkeeper or book publishers how important reviews of the product and they will tell you there is a direct line to purchase.

When you read a review of a new restaurant or a nice note pair of earrings that are unusual in the holiday gift guide, you see the direct result of public relations.

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For the service industry, however, that the "line" for sales is bleak. The strength of public relations built in a layering effect, where any mention in the press heightens your visibility; adds another layer of the credibility of your company.

Credibility, in turn, creates a desire among viewers and listeners to pay attention to you. As a result, you have been approved by a credible, objective third party.

Most likely, you are already an expert in your industry. You just have not positioned as such to the authors, editors, and producers who need an expert to comment on issues and stories of the day.