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The Self Publishing Process

You write your book. You did your research and decided to continue down the self-publishing path. But you're overwhelmed because you don't know how to start or who to talk to.

You need to find a company that will help you self-publish your book. You should be familiar with their process. This is very important to make sure everything runs smoothly when your book is published. Here is a free checklist for all those novice authors seeking to become successful self-publishers.

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Requesting a Quote


The first thing to do when considering self-publishing is to ask for a quote. With this offer, you can determine whether or not you can self-publish your book. This process can also answer basic questions such as: For example, how much does it cost to print, if you have color illustrations in your book, is the book you are writing suitable for printing, how long does the entire printing process take, and any other questions you may have. In this first step, you will get to know the company and find someone to accompany you during the printing of your book.

Book registration

Once you accept the offer and decide to continue self-publishing, you will be asked to provide basic information about your book, such as: Title, subtitle, page number, ISBN, and the like. This is the book registration process. One important thing to remember is the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). If you want to sell your book online or in a bookstore, you will need to obtain an ISBN for your book. Once you get the ISBN, you can get the barcode for your book. Your publisher should be able to handle both for you.

Editing and design

Some writers write their novels directly on the computer, others are traditional and prefer a typewriter. Computers can easily spot grammatical errors, but some writers may still be missing a few words. If you use a typewriter, the publisher must transfer the manuscript to the computer. Depending on the service you purchased from your publisher, they may make multiple proof copies to improve grammar and punctuation. Publishers can also check for correct spelling and sentence structure.

For cover designs, some authors may have their own cover designs and can use them in their books. Others can ask the publisher to do this for them. The cost of the services in this section is highly dependent on the type of package purchased by the author.